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Food Allergen Safety Training - ACT


In Australia, one in 10 children** under the age of 5 years and an increasing number of adults have food allergies. Australia has one of the highest allergy rates in the world, and the problem is growing.

About 160 foods have been reported as causing food allergies but only eight are responsible for 90 percent of allergic reactions to food.

Food labelling rules in Australia state that the eight most common allergens, cereals containing gluten and its products plus sulphite preservatives are required by law to be declared on food labels. The law in Australia also requires food businesses to provide accurate information when a customer asks about potential allergens in the food they are served.

Food Allergen Safety Training is a Non-accredited unit that describes outcomes, skills and knowledge required to educate people who prepare, sell, serve or make food to be consumed by the general public. This unit provides awareness and information on the importance of  food allergies and food allergens and the serious impact and consequences they have.

Food businesses play an important role in ensuring food labels in this state comply with national standards so people can be sure they have accurate information about the foods they buy and consume.