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FSS NSW Recertification Course



Course Summary

Food Safety Supervisor Training is mandatory in NSW and can be completed online. - Click here for NSW FSS information guidelines. Click here to check our NSW Food Authority approval.

The NSW Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) RECERTIFICATION course  is for participants who hold a NSW Food Authority certificate and that is due to expire or has expired (90 days outside the 5 year validity).

When you enrol in the Online RECERTIFICATION course you will be required to work through updated information & course work relating to Safe Egg Handling, Allergen Management & Cleaning and Sanitising as well as completing a workplace assessment & Portfolio of Evidence to support your RPL application for the 2 units SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety and SITFSA201 Participate in safe food handling practices.

Recertification applies to supervisors and managers of food businesses in NSW who wish to renew their certificate prior to or just after the statutory 5 year expiration of their previously issued certificate. The Food Act 2003 (NSW) requires certain food businesses in the NSW hospitality and retail food service sector to have at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor (FSS).

The NSW Food Authority introduced this course to help reduce food borne illness. To be eligible for the NSW FSS Online RECERTIFICATION course, you must be working in the industry and have access to a commercial kitchen. The five year RECERTIFICATION cycle provides a sufficient period to update an FSS’s skills and knowledge to current industry requirements, and aligns with changes to food laws.

Pre-requisite Requirements

To undertake the NSW FSS re-certification course you must hold all three (3) of the following documents and that are valid within the immediate preceding 5 year period or has expired 90 days outside the 5 year validity

  1. SITXFSA001 -  Use hygiene practices for food safety & *previously SITXFSA101
  2. SITXFSA002 - Participate in safe food handling practices  *previously SITXFSA201
  3. NSW FSS Certificate

WHAT You will Receive 

Upon successful completion you will receive the following ;

  1. SITXFSA001 -  Use hygiene practices for food safety &
  2. SITXFSA002 - Participate in safe food handling practices
  3. NSW FSS Certificate *(shown below)

Food Safety Supervisor NSW Details:

  • Study at home no need to travel to class
  • One fee - No additional fees or charges
  • AAAT are Approved by the NSW Food Authority 
  • NSW Food Authority certificate
  • Please read our student guide
  • NSW Government requirements read more

System Requirements

  • A valid Email account.
  • A valid form of identification.
  • Either a digital camera / scanner / fax / iPhone or ability to upload documents from your files to your student account.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A reliable browser *preferably Chrome

Getting Started

Step 1: Register and pay for your course - Upload your ID and create your USI (Unique Student Identifier number)

Step 2: Complete your learning course & assessments at your own pace and from the convenience of home using the materials provided by us;

Step 4: Before we can issue you with a NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate you will need to provide us with the following:

  •  Unique Student Identifier ( Note: you can apply for this via your student account during enrolment)
  •  Copy of the identification that you used to apply for your Unique Student Identification or photo identification (You can upload this to your student account upon enrolment)
  •  Completed mandatory government survey about your training experience (This can be completed online in your training account)

Step 5: Once your assessment has been marked and approved by our assessor, you’ll receive a downloadable NSW Food Safety Supervisor Certificate. 

What You Will Learn 


There are three (3) main focus areas of the NSW FSS Re-certification program, these are;

  • Safe egg handling
  • Allergen management
  • Cleaning and sanitising

The FSS re-certification Course is an opportunity to impart additional skills and knowledge in these 3 food safety focus areas.

Application of the Unit

This unit applies to people who already hold the NSW FSS certificate and who wish to renew the validity of their certificate. NSW FSS certificates have a 5 year validity.

How You Will be Assessed

You will learn everything you need to know with Access All Areas Training! We offer great online courses that are easy to follow and understand. Complete your course in your own time and in your own home. 

The NSW FSS re-certification course involves a two (2) step assessment process.

  • Step 1. - Short Online assessment detailed below
  • Step 2.  - RPL - detailed below

Step 1. Online assessment

Is provided as a short quiz after each of the three units of this course.

You will be required to answer all questions correctly.  If you get a question wrong you will be directed to review the course material after which you may re-attempt the question. 

Approximate timings on each of the Food Safety assessment tasks include:

  • Section 1 - 10 minutes
  • Section 2 - 10 minutes
  • Section 3 - 10 minutes

STEP 2. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

To undertake the NSW FSS re-certification course students must be able to demonstrate that they already have the required level of knowledge and skills to be re-certified in the NSW FSS program. It is therefore essential that an additional assessment is completed to ensure the unit competencies of SITXFSA101 - Use hygiene practices for food safety & SITXFSA201 - Participate in safe food handling practices have been demonstrated. The assessment task includes the following:

Download the assessment here

  • Task 1 - multiple choice questions
  • Task 2 - Case Studies
  • Task 3 - Observation task *

* Observation task can be undertaken by a proprieter of the business or a person who understands the role of the Food Safety Supervisor and the business you work in.

rpl & Assessment Process



Duration may vary as this course is provided as an online mode of delivery, however it is suggested that the combined learning and assessment will be approximately 2-4 hours. You may study at your own pace, log in and out as many times as you like and pick up your training where you left off!

Learning Skills Required

To ensure you receive an adequate level of support with your training and assessment, please consider the following questions.

  • Do you consider yourself to have any disability, special needs, reading or writing difficulties that may have an impact on your ability to complete this online course?
  • Do you believe you have the literacy skills to read and interpret documents such as:
    • Identification (ID) cards?
    • Proof of age cards and driver’s licences?
    • Statutory signage and warning signs?
  • Wording within advertising or promotional material, such as in‑house policies and procedures and any other general plain English regulatory and advisory information issued by local, or state and territory liquor licensing authorities?
  • Do you believe that you have the numeracy skills to measure and calculate standard drinks or samples and calculate blood alcohol levels to determine alcohol consumption?

If you are not confident that you will understand any of the components of this online training, contact us - 1300 287 554 or email info@aaat.edu.au and we will make arrangements to assist you in your training or offer you face to face training if available in your area.

Please note:

  • Random sampling of students is conducted to ensure the authenticity of those completing learning and assessment online. A minimum standard of language, literacy and numeracy is required to complete online learning. If the participant fraudulently declares the minimum level is met, a statement of attainment may not be issued.
  • All students are questioned at the time of enrolment where they are provided with the opportunity to declare special needs in this area. If this is not indicated, the student has declared they have the minimum language, literacy and numeracy skills to proceed with online learning.
  • In addition, all students are required to undertake a short LLN self-assessment prior to the commencement of training. Satisfactory completion of the assessment is required prior to issuance of a statement of attainment.

For more information please head to NSW Food Authority.

Please email info@aaat.edu.au if you have any further questions.


*Student records information may be provided to ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) and/or the NSW Food Authority upon request.