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Alcohol Courses

Obtain a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) or Approved Manager (MLP1) certification online.

Our nationally accredited training courses teach you how to serve alcohol safely and have been created specifically to meet the legal requirements for serving alcohol in all Australian states and territories.

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Food Safety Courses

Food service, caterer and related retail businesses in Australia need to meet new food safety requirements in the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code from 8 December 2023.

Standard 3.2.2A is a new food safety standard for these types of businesses that aims to improve food safety and support consumer confidence.

There are three food safety management tools in the new standard including Food Safety Supervisor (FSS) training and Food Handler training.

The AAAT food units below meet the training requirements of the new Standards and are approved for all states and territories

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Non-accredited Courses

Non-accredited courses do not contribute to recognized qualifications. Instead, these courses are specifically designed to impart relevant skills that enhance job performance in a shorter time frame.

These courses offer several advantages in accomplishing personal and career objectives, enhancing existing skills and knowledge. Along with this they can contribute towards building out your resume.

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