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Doing your RSA

Is the NSW RSA ONLINE course Approved

Yes! we are approved by L&G NSW to deliver the RSA NSW Online unit and the RSA NSW Bridging unit - in fact AAAT is the FIRST to be approved! 


AAAT were approved on the 28th August 2015. 

How quickly will I receive the NSW RSA interim certificate?

AAAT issues the NSW Interim certificate once DAILY (Mon- Fri) for all successful applicants who have passed their assessment & provided their required documentation.

If you do not receive your Interim certificate on the day you complete your training, You will receive it the next business day. 



Can I get my RSA NSW certificate today?

A person who undertakes the RSA NSW Online course with AAAT and who successfully completes their training, and has been assessed as having passed, will receive their L&G NSW approved Interim certificate either the same day as completion or the next business day.

Please allow two (2) business days after submission for your work to be assessed.

* Please note certificates are only issued once a day.


Do I need to do an RSA?

  • If you already hold a NSW RSA interim certificate or competency ID card that is due to expire then you are only required to complete the RSA NSW Online refresher course - click here
  • If you hold a RSA NSW paper certificate that expired prior to 30th June 2016, then you must complete the full RSA NSW course again.
  • If you have NEVER completed a RSA NSW course previously then you will be required to complete the full RSA NSW course.
  • If you have a national statement of attainment for RSA completed within the last 5 years in another state or territory, then you need only complete the RSA NSW Online Bridging course

**** Please note, refunds wil not be provided if you already have an existing NSW RSA Interim certificate or Competency ID card and you have chosen to complete the course again.



As an employee am I able to serve alcohol to a person if I am under 18 years of age?

In the A.C.T - A person under 18 years of age may work in an adults only area if they are not supplying liquor to patrons.  A person under 18 years of age may serve liquor to patrons who are not in an adults only area, for example, with a meal in a restaurant if the restaurant is not in an adults only area.

The licensee or permit holder commits an offence if they employ a person under 18 years of age and that person supplies liquor and the liquor is supplied in an adults only area of the licensed or permitted premises.

Email us: info@aaat.edu.au for more information.

Do I have to be over 18 yrs to complete my RSA?

No, in fact in somes states such as the A.C.T  a person under 18 years of age may serve liquor to patrons who are not in an adults only area, for example, with a meal in a restaurant if the restaurant is not in an adults only area and thereforre they must have an RSA certificate. In other states such as NSW, RSA training is provided to students in year 10, 11 and 12 as part of their educational program.

However, the law in Australia is quite clear, only persons aged 18yrs or over can consume, serve, sell or supply alcohol.

A person under 18yrs can train in the RSA unit in readiness for employment.

Is my RSA certificate or statement of attainment valid in my state?


The approved online accredited RSA unit - SITHFAB002 (formerly SITHFAB201) covers;

  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • A.C.T 

Please be sure to choose the RSA unit applicable to the state in which you intend to work. Some states have different requirements and these are addressed in each specific State or Territory unit.

*Victoria only recognises RSA qualifications undertaken in a classroom. 

What is GAP RSA Training?

Every now and again enhancements to courses will be required to keep up to date with industry expectations. These changes or enhancements may occur without warning or notice.

When significant changes occur we provide a separate module and this is termed 'GAP' training. The GAP module provides interactive video simulations that enhances your training and prepares you for real life situations. 

GAP training is FREE and in recognition of completion, we provide you with an additional certificate of completion. 

In some cases GAP training is offered but not compulsory and other cases where a student has not yet finished their core unit, GAP training MUST be finalised prior to issuing the Statement of Attainment or certificate of completion.

We encourage any person who has been offered the opportunity of GAP training to partake as this will only be of benefit.

If you have any questions, please call 1300 287 554

"I've got this email about GAP training for RSA. What is that all about?"

The RSA course is continually updated to ensure that our students are receiving the most up to date and current information so they are best equipped when entering real life situations in the workplace.

The additional information and GAP module that we have supplied has been provided to you based on feedback from Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA).

We understand that this is frustrating when you are close to finishing your unit, it only takes a short time to complete and we are here to assist you in any way we can.

Should you requrie further information please call 1300 287 554 - we are here to assist!

"What does the new GAP unit for RSA include'

There are a few additional questions to answer, but mainly there are two key new parts to complete;

  1. You will need to watch and answer a video simulation of being behind a bar and are required to demonstrate your skills through interactive scenarios.
  2. You will also be required to submit 2 short videos of yourself refusing service so that we can evidence your ability to communicate appropriately with customers.

We understand that this is frustrating however we are required by Australian Skills Quality Authority to ensure that we have met our obligations in identifying demonstartion of skills by our students in RSA,.

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require assisatnce. We are here to help - 1300 287 554.

International Visa Holders

Are you an International Student?

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: If you are currently in Australia on a Student Visa you are NOT eligible to enrol into this course with Access All Areas Training.

Please contact your nearest CRICOS registered RTO.

Queries related to visa requirements to work in Australia

Do you have a question regarding work visa for Australia? Let us help you find the right answer.

You can contact  the Dept of Home Affairs  by phone, Monday – Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm (AEST) on 131 881 in Australia, except public holidays. or go to http://cricos.education.gov.au/




What is Nationally Recognised Training and how does online training work?

Online training allows you to complete training at your own pace and at a time which suits you. It is simple to use. Courses are made up of Units of Competency.

The Units of Competency in your course are broken into various sections of learning to allow you to focus on one area of learning at a time and to provide flexibility in completion of the course.

Each section has information which you must read. The course content, or information in each section is the important detail you need to understand. At the end of each section there are a series of questions which you must answer by either selecting multiple choice answers or by typing in a written answer.

A National Training Package is a consistent and reliable set of nationally endorsed standards and qualifications for recognising and assessing people's skills.

A Training Package describes what skills and knowledge a person needs to perform effectively in the workplace without prescribing how they should be trained.

What is a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO)?

That's us!

Nationally Recognised Training is delivered in association with Access All Areas Training RTO (#52312)  - look out for the symbol below to ensure authenticity of an RTO.

Are these courses nationally recognised?

Yes. You better believe it.

All of the courses AAAT offers are Nationally accredited and recognised.

Does my business need a Food Safety Supervisor?

This will depend on where your business is located and what type of food it serves.

Certain Australian states and territories require all registered food businesses to nominate a qualified Food Safety Supervisor. This person will normally need to have done a Food Safety Supervisor course to show that they can lead and manage a business’s Food Safety Program.

Usually, licensable food businesses must have a Food Safety Supervisor if they serve:

  • Ready-to-eat food,
  • Potentially hazardous food, or
  • Food not sold and served in its original package.

As a general rule, if you’re in a state or territory with this legislation, and your food business needs a licence, it will need a Food Safety Supervisor.

I have lost my certificate, can I get another one

Yes, we can reissue you a copy of your original Statement of Attainment for a fee of $20.

If the certificate was issued by a government body such as NSW FSS or RSA NSW - the fee is $30 per certificate plus $15 admin fee.

Can the new units for Food Safety - SITXFSA001 & SITXFSA002 be delivered ONLINE ?


Access all Areas Training is approved to deliver the new units in Food Safety ONLINE for all States and Territories across Australia:

  • Basic Food Safety - SITXFSA001- Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety;   and
  • Food Supervisor - SITXFSA002 - Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices

We have changed our content for this unit slightly by adding:

  • Simulated environments
  • Customised workplace situations, using real people in real situations
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Practical free text questions - involves 3rd party observation
  • Short answer questions

These changes enhance your training experience to ensure that we capture the evidence required so you have the necessary skills and knowledge to apply to any position that requires safe food handling or Food Supervisor skills.

There are some Training providers that do not offer quality training. They provide you with the necessary Statement of Attainment but not the knowledge or skills to apply hygienic and safe food handling practices.

Access All Areas Training only provides quality training, you are in safe hands with us!

What is a superseded unit and how does it affect me?

Superseded units of comptency are those that have been replaced and upgraded to include the latest training content and assessment methods. 

There is provision for students currently enrolled in superseded units to finish their training however there is also a cut off date which must be adhered to, whether you have finished training or not. In these cases, the participant will automatically be enrolled into the new unit code to recommence their training.

Cutover date for the following units is 16th JANUARY 2014:

  • SITHFAB009A - Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol
  • SITXOHS002A - Follow Workplace Hygiene Procedures
  • SITXFSA001A - Implement Food Safety Procedures

A participant who has not completed their training in the superseded unit by January 16, 2014 does not pay again to train however they must recommence their training from the beginning of the unit to ensure new content and assessments have been understood and completed.

Upon succesful completion of the new unit, a participant will receive a Statement of Attainment showing the most current unit code these being:

  • SITHFAB201 - Provide Responsible Serrvice of Alcohol
  • SITXFSA101 - Use Hygienic Practices for Food Safety
  • SITXFSA201 - Participate in Safe Food Handling Practices

Approved form of ID - what is accepted

When you complete your training with AAAT there is a requirement that we receive an Approved form of ID before your certificate is issued. This is explained at the commencement of your training. 

What ID will be accepted:

The Approved Form of ID can be one of the following:

  • A valid Passport - International or Australian
  • A valid Drivers licence - Australian only
  • A Proof of Age Card (RTA Card NSW only)
  • *A Birth Certificate (ACT only)

How do I upload my ID:

This is explained at the commencement of your training and is a very simple process, you can either:

  • Upload into your training account from your own computer files
  • SMS, scan or email an image of your ID to info@aaat.edu.au or
  • Fax ID to 08 94636232

Is my Basic Food Safety or Food Safety Supervisor certificate or statement of attainment valid in my state?


The approved online accredited Food units:

SITXFSA101 - (formerly SITXOHS002A) &

SITXFSA201 - (formerly SITXFSA001A) covers:

  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory
  • Queensland
  • Tasmania
  • NSW
  • A.C.T
  • Victoria

Please be sure to choose the unit applicable to the state in which you intend to work. Some states have different requirements and these are addressed in each specific State or Territory unit.

How long does it take to receive my certificate?


AAAT issues the NSW Interim certificate once DAILY (Mon- Fri) for all successful applicants who have passed their assessment & provided their required documentation. If you do not receive your Interim certificate on the day you complete your training,  you will receive it the very next day.

I have lost my certificate, what should I do?

If you forgot to save to your computer and have lost your certificate, don't worry!!

Email us with your request.

Once I have passed and paid for a course can I start applying for jobs?


Your certificate will be available the instant you successfully complete your course and we have verified your answers. If you ensure that all required documents have been received by AAAT and you have successfully completed your unit by 5pm EST (Monday - Friday) you will receive your certificate on the same day as completion.

All courses completed outside of our normal business hours will be assessed on the next business day.

You can also log into your account at any time and click 'Download My Certificate".


Do I have to complete my course in one sitting?

No, you can take your time and complete the course at your own pace. You can start, stop and resume your course at time intervals that are suitable to you. The system will remember your progress. Each time you log into the website with your unique username and password you will be able to resume your course where you last left it.

We understand that most people lead busy lives and have other important commitments. Our online training method allows you to study in and around other important commitments.

We also recognise that to maintain currency of knowledge a participant should try to complete training in the enrolled unit within a three (3) month period. If you exceed this period, access to training may be suspended,

Can I use the same Login details to access other courses?

Yes, but you will only have access to the courses you have paid for. Once you logged in you will be able to purchase additional courses and complete any outstanding courses.

Are there additional costs involved?

No, payment is made up front with no additional charges. The prices quoted on our home page are all inclusive with no hidden fees.

Where can I get more information about my rights as a student?

Click here to obtain information on your rights as a student.

I would like to see a copy of the terms and conditions.

Click here to see a copy of the Terms and Conditions.

I would like to make a complaint.

AAAT is a reputable training organisation, if you have a complaint, we would like to hear from you. We will endeavour to resolve any issues that may arise in a timely fashion, ensuring communication is of a highest priority.

We provide a complaints policy within our Student Handbook.


What if I have problems with reading and writing?

Access All Areas Training provides support for participants who require assistance with Language Literacy and/or Numeracy (LLN).

Please click here for special needs assistance or 

Simply Contact Us for assistance.

You are still able to complete the course online, but we will talk through how we can assist and support you in the successful completion of your chosen course.

Do I need any particular computer skills?

If you are viewing this page then you are off to a good start. All our courses are done online so there is a requirement for your computer to be connected to the internet.

We highly recommend doing the course on a computer and not on a tablet or phone

Our website has been optimised to work with Chrome.

If watching videos is a computer skill, then all good.

You will need to upload soem documents and even a video or two. Our system is straight forwar, so you should be able to everytig you will need to. 



How do I get a purse/wallet size proof of completion card?

In addition to your instant downloadable certificate we also provide the option to purchase your very own plastic, durable, wallet size Proof of Statement of Attainment Card.

The Proof of Attainment Card is a great way for providing a quick reference of:
> Qualification details
> Evidence of course title and qualification unit code
> Date of completion
> Your name
> Your certificate number
> Access All Areas Training contact details for future reference

...all for just $20 !!!

How do I get one? it's easy simply click here to purchase!! Only $20 !! Your card will be mailed to you within 21 business days.

I have lost my plastic ID card (Proof of Certification Card), can I get a replacement?

Yes of course, no problem. The replacement cost is $10.00 (inclusive of GST). Please go to our shopping cart to purchase.

Will I get a plastic Proof of Certification card for each course I complete?

After successful completion you have the option to order your very own Proof of Certification card for each course you have successfully undertaken. Only $20 per card. Your card will be mailed to you within 21 business days from the date of purchase.



Can I print the course?

Yes, you can print each page or the entire manual, however you will need to complete assessment questions online. Or please email us and we are happy to provide you with a PDF Student Workbook. The Student Workbook can also be found under 'Course Resources' once you are logged into your training account.

How long does my certificate last?

Please refer to each course in each state for legislation regarding refresher training.

Some states do not require further training whilst others do. You will find information in relation to this question at the beginning of each course.

Got a question we have not been able to answer here? Please feel free to Contact Us or call us on 1300 287 554

What resources do I need to complete my online training?

You will need the following:

  1. Desktop computer or tablet/notebook
  2. internet connection and an up to date internet browser (Our site is optimised for Chrome)
  3. An email account and program
  4. Phone with a camera or a camera
  5. Access to a printer 

You may also need a person as an observer for your Food Safety cousres

Do I need to apply to be an Approved Manager?


The conduct of business at the licensed premises must be personally managed and supervised by an individual at all times Approved Manager Penalty: $10,000
Please see attached flyer click here
Click here and have a look at what to expect:

How will I be assessed?

Information on how you will be assessed is contained in the 'Read More' section of the course - we encourage you to view this information. If you have an questions please email us for assistance: info@aaat.edu.au 

How long will my course registration last once I enrol online?

Your online registration is valid for 3 months from the date you register for a certain course. The online learning is self-paced and can be completed at your own pace and speed within the 3 month time frame.

What is a USI?

A USI is...

The USI (Unique Student Identifier) scheme is free. The USI Office does not charge a fee for individuals creating their USI and maintaining their USI account, which will bring together their training records of nationally recognised training completed after 1 January 2015.


Forgotten your USI?

if you forget or lose your USI you can retrieve it online. You will need to enter a few details to verify who you are to display your USI. The details must be the same as those you entered when you applied for a USI or, if you did so, when you last updated your USI account. Go to www.usi.gov.com 


How do I pay?

Access All Areas Training accepts several forms of online payment. You can pay with Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard including visa debit cards) via our secure online payment gateway EWAY or you may wish to pay over the phone, please call 1300 287 554.

We also accept Purchase orders/EFT/Cheque. 

Please email info@aaat.edu.au to discuss payment options

If I pay online with a credit card, is it safe?

Access Areas Training uses eWay as their secure payment gateway.
eWay provides the highest level of security available.
Visa, MasterCard and other major credit organisations have created a set of requirements which must be met by companies who store or process credit card data, known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. eWAY is externally audited each year to ensure that they are Tier 1 PCI DSS compliant, the highest level of compliance.

That is why eWAY is globally recognised as the secure payment gateway.

How do I get a refund?

Access All Areas Training will endeavour to comply with your request, however a change of mind, not wanting to complete all the assessment requirements or circumstances, does not constitute reasonable grounds for refund.

An administration fee may also be applied.

Click here to obtain information on refunds Student handbook.