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Barry O'Farrell - Sweeping changes to tackle alcohol fuelled violence

26 January 2014

Pubs and clubs in Sydney CBD will be forced to lock out new customers from 0130am and cease alcohol trading by 0300am under a state government crackdown on alcohol and drug related violence.

Premier Barry O’Farrell has also announced bottle shops will have to close their doors at 10pm.

Venues will be subject to a risk-based licensing scheme whereby higher fees will be imposed on venues that trade later, are larger or are in high risk areas, as part of a reform package announced on Tuesday.

As foreshadowed, mandatory minimum sentences of eight years in jail will apply to fatal one-punch attacks involving alcohol and drugs.

But Mr O’Farrell also announced mandatory minimum sentences would be introduced for other drug- or alcohol-fuelled offences, including reckless wounding (three years), assaulting a police officer in the execution of duty (two years), affray (four years) and sexual assault (five years).

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Comments (3)

I am a teacher and I firmly believe that training should start in school, we need to make sure our leavers will know what they are faced with if they act foolishly and attack others in drunken outbursts, education is a way which we can educate our young people to act responsibly around alcohol. Online training is a terrific way a group of students can train and discuss what the outcome of violent behaviour surrounding alcohol can result in. We use the online RSA training at our school and it has been invaluable.
harold - 26/01/2014
I cannot get to a classroom to learn what I need to know. We have to train to make sure we understand what we need to do and how to do it. online is a great! thanks
Mike - 26/01/2014
This is a start, but training is a good prevention and making sure that everyone has the ability to access training is imperative so online training is a godsend for people in remote locations
Lucy - 26/01/2014

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