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Training Ombudsman Queensland Government

9 November 2015

The Queensland Government has established an independent Training Ombudsman as part of its plan for reinvigorating the VET sector in Queensland.

The Training Ombudsman provides a free, confidential, and independent service to review and resolve enquiries and complaints from apprentices, trainees, students, employers and other parties about the vocational education and training (VET) system.

The Ombudsman can help you navigate the VET sector and find the best way to address your concerns.  The office provides free advice about rights and responsibilities within the VET sector and aims to address complaints impartially and quickly.

The Training Ombudsman will look at your circumstances and assist you to resolve issues appropriately by:

  • reviewing the issue and recommending the most appropriate action to take
  • referring the complaint to another agency if they are best suited to assist
  • mediating between parties to come to a mutually beneficial solution
  • advocating solutions for key issues in the VET sector.

Call: 1800 773 048
Calls from landlines are free. To see if there is a cost involved using if using your mobile phone, contact your mobile phone provider.
Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:45pm (AEST).

Email: info@trainingombudsman.qld.gov.au