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RTO No: 52312

The NSW Digital Driver Licence

18 December 2019

  The NSW Digital Driver Licence has gone live across NSW. It might be presented to you as proof of age and identity at licenced venues and events. NSW Police accept the Digital Driver Licence.

Security licence holders who tested the Digital Driver Licence found it easy to check. Here’s why:

Easily identify under 18s
Under-age customers will have an ‘Under 18’ indicator next to their date of birth. This feature was added in response to feedback from your industry to make checking easier.

Accurate and authentic
The NSW Digital Driver Licence is always accurate and up to date, with real-time licence verification which can be easily checked for authenticity with its animated NSW Government logo and waratah hologram.

Important note on handling a customer's phone
Licence holders are not required to hand over their mobile phones for verification.

If you have difficulty viewing the licence details, avoid handling the customer’s phone and ask them to adjust the phone to make checking easier.

To learn more
• Visit the Service NSW website Information for Licence Checkers
• Send an email to the Digital Driver Licence team digital.licences@service.nsw.gov.au

The Digital Driver Licence will work on a smartphone or tablet and is available for all driver licence classes.


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