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RTO No: 52312

Help prevent drink spiking

27 May 2021

The incidence of drink spiking has increased in our community.

A 'spiked drink' means that alcohol or drugs have been added to someone's drink without their knowledge or consent. Any drink can be spiked, including juice, soft drink, water and alcohol.

If a person has their drink spiked, they can be vulnerable to sexual assault, robbery and other harmful actions. As venue operators and licence holders, we want you to help educate your staff on how to help prevent this from occurring and raise awareness of the issue in your venue.

The best way to prevent drink spiking is to follow the Responsible Service of Alcohol principles. In consultation with Victoria Police and Stonnington council, we have designed optional posters for venues to raise awareness and help prevent drink spiking.

Venue operators can download poster 1 (PDF, 548.63 KB) and poster 2 (PDF, 376.17 KB) and display these posters in their venues. The posters aim to encourage patrons to call out suspicious behaviour to staff, and to give staff guidance on best practices to prevent drink spiking.

We encourage venue operators to place these posters in high traffic locations which are visible to both patrons and staff. Find out more about drink spiking on the Victoria Police website.