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RTO No: 52312

Same Day Alcohol Delivery - NSW

6 July 2021

Same day alcohol delivery regulations tightened

Issued by Minister Victor Dominello

Strong new liquor laws will be phased in from today to help protect against alcohol-related harm surrounding online alcohol sales to minors and people who are intoxicated.

Minister for Digital and Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said these latest NSW Government reforms target the potential risks and harm from alcohol deliveries while continuing to support a safe 24-hour economy.

“Demand for online alcohol sales has grown in recent years, including during the pandemic, and we need to ensure our laws reflect this changing landscape and prioritise safety,” Mr Dominello said.

“These changes are an Australian first and ensure there are fit-for-purpose laws for the range of alcohol delivery business models that have emerged – particularly same day deliveries. They follow consultation with industry stakeholders.

“The new laws raise the standards for providers and delivery people, making them more like those that apply at physical bottle shop businesses. Gone are days of a minor trying to use a credit card online to purchase alcohol illegally. Those offering alcohol for same day delivery will have an explicit obligation to verify that the person placing the order is 18 years or older.”

There will be a range of new offences from 1 July which include:

  • delivering to a minor or intoxicated person, whether the delivery is made on the same day or later,
  • delivering alcohol outside specified same day delivery hours, and
  • not providing an online avenue for self-exclusion.
  • Online liquor sales in Australia are expected to grow by 27.2 per cent in 2020-21, with annual growth from 2021-26 projected to be 7.9 per cent.

The changes being phased in ensure all people making same day deliveries undertake a new Responsible Supply of Alcohol Training course and assessment, so they are aware of the potential harms and deliver alcohol responsibly in line with the new regulatory controls.

From June 2022, same day delivery providers will also need to undertake online age verification checks for all new customers and have systems in place to authenticate the identity of regular customers.

This measure is designed to significantly reduce the risk of inadvertent sale to minors and customers who have signed exclusion orders.

Further information is available on the Liquor & Gaming website and on the same day delivery fact sheet.