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Only in Australia - Slab for a Jab

6 August 2021

Attributed to Drinks Trade Online Magazine

By Ioni Doherty

3rd of August 

As Sydney barrels into its seventh week of lockdown, and with vaccination rates below target, Hawke’s Brewing Co has put aside 250 cartons as an incentive to Sydneysiders to ‘get the jab’.

The initiative comes after NSW Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, called for August to “be the month we break records and vaccinations”. On Tuesday, Ms Berejikilian said that she wants 6 million jabs to have been administered across New South Wales by the end of August.

However, owners of Hawke’s Brewing say that the call is late coming.

“We should have been breaking vaccination records months ago. But apparently it wasn’t a race and now half the country has been impacted by lockdown again. If Bob [Hawke] was still with us and calling the shots, we’d be well on the way,” says David Gibson, Hawke’s co-founder.

Hawke’s Brewing Co was started by two mates with the late former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke. It has put aside 250 cartons of its award-winning lager as a thank you to 250 Sydneysiders who share proof of their first vaccination, as part of Hawke’s ‘Jab & Slab’ roll out, which launched on Tuesday.

While they understand the gesture is symbolic more than anything, the founders are intent on doing what they can to reinforce the message and get the process moving.

“The longer this [lockdown] drags on, the more damage is suffered by small businesses like ours, and in particular our hospitality mates. Now, it seems the onus is on us to get ourselves out of this mess. And let’s be honest, there’s nothing like free beer to get Aussies going.

“We may not move the needle much with 250 slabs but we can do our bit by helping to strengthen the message – roll your sleeve up for yourself, your loved ones, your community and your country,” Mr Gibson said.

Those who are interested in getting their ‘Jab & Slab’ underway can start by posting a photo on instagram of themselves with their freshly-jabbed, band-aid stamped arm following their vaccination. Tag @hawkesbrewingco and #jabandslab.

Your guide to ‘Jab & Slab’:

  • Book in for your first vaccination at your nearest eligible healthcare provider.
  • Once you’ve received your first jab, post a photo to instagram showing your freshly-jabbed, band-aid stamped arm and tag @hawkesbrewingco and #jabandslab
  • If you reside in Sydney and are one of the first 250 to post and tag, Hawke’s Brewing Co will contact to arrange delivery and see proof of vaccination and legal drinking age.
  • Important: This phase of the ‘Jab & Slab’ roll out is only available to over 18 adults residing in Greater Sydney who have been vaccinated from Wednesday, 4 August.