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Privacy Policy


In addition to AAAT Privacy Policy, a few governing bodies in some states require that student information be made available to them upon request or for for the provision of issuance of certificates relative to that state. This may also be the case for companies that pay for staff training and wish to secure staff SOA in a central admin location of that company.

By acceptance of the terms and conditions once you have selected your course you will have confirmed that the information you provide to AAAT, whether directly or indirectly, or through the website, or is otherwise displayed on this website is provided in good faith and is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, information and belief. That is, that all information you provide is true and correct. You also declare that all assessment work will be your own.

Please note in compliance with privacy laws we notify that personal information will be provided to the NSW Food Authority and NSW OLGR, ASQA.

Student Records

All students have timely access to current and accurate records of their participation. Students seeking advice concerning their course participation should in the first instance contact Access All Areas Training using the contact us form on the website.

Access All Areas Training is committed to implementing best practice in its records management practices and systems, responding in a timely manner to all requests of information from present and past students. All staff employed by Access All Areas Training will be required to apply themselves to the provisions of the Privacy and Protection of Personal Information Act 1998.

Student records information may be provided to ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) upon request and in the case of students completing the NSW food Supervisor Course – SITXFSA201, Student record information may be provided to the NSW Food Authority upon request. This is also the case of students completing the NSW OLGR RSA unit - SITHFAB201. Student information is required to be provided to OLGR so that certificates may be issued.

Student SOA and records maybe provided to companies that purchase training units on their staff behalf. Staff will be advised prior to commencing training that this may occur and that we require their acknowledgment of acceptance. Acknowledgment is by;

Terms and conditions acceptance box
Self declaration prior to commencemnt of study