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RTO No: 52312

Learning Support

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN)

All Vocational training requires a minimum level of LLN, so if you have a learning difficulty or disability, we can assist, so please let us know if you do need extra support.

All students also undertake a LLN Quiz at the commencement of the course. This may indicate some support may be required. 

The support provided by Access All Areas Training will be within the principles of fairness and flexibility of assessment and will be offered in a discrete manner.

Reasonable Adjustment

A reasonable adjustment is when an alternative method to assist learners to undertake their assessment. Resonable adjustment can be made if a learner does have a learning difficulty or disability. You still have to do the assessment and you are still required to meet all requirements of the training package.

Access and Equity

Access All Areas Training is committed to providing training and assessment services to all clients regardless of race, religion, sex, socio-economic status, disability, language, literacy or numeracy.

Access All Areas Training provides assistance to all clients to identify and achieve their desired outcomes.

Access All Areas Training upholds the principles of equal opportunity.