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How Do I Get an RSA Certificate: A Helpful Guide

2 May 2024

Are you thinking about getting your RSA to work in Australia's hospitality industry? This helpful guide will break down how to get an RSA certificate in straightforward steps. From satisfying your state or territory specific training requirements to maintaining your RSA certification, we provide the clarity you need on the certification process for serving alcohol responsibly. Keep reading to find out more about obtaining an RSA in Australia.

Key Takeaways

  • RSA (Responsible Service of Alcohol) certification is crucial for employment within many Australian hospitality roles, ensuring the legal and responsible service of alcohol in compliance with state or territory regulations.
  • Access All Areas Training (AAAT) offers various nationally recognised online RSA courses, allowing for a flexible and self-paced learning experience.
  • Periodic refresher courses and staying informed about the latest RSA practices are necessary for maintaining certification and promoting a responsible drinking culture within the community.

Why Do You Need an RSA?

In the bustling world of hospitality, a small mistake can have big consequences. Serving alcohol to a minor? That's a violation of RSA regulations and can result in penalties for licensees. Not having an RSA certification? That's a barrier to employment in venues that sell, serve, or supply alcohol. Ensuring responsible alcohol service within the hospitality industry in Australia is the primary purpose of RSA certification.

Identifying Your State or Territory's RSA Specifics

There are some different state and territory liquor licensing law and training requirements throughout Australia. This means the RSA certification process might vary across borders. While this may seem overwhelming, don't worry! We are here to help you navigate these differences and ensure your RSA training is recognised.

You can find out more about each state and territory's requirements via these government websites:

Access All Areas Training is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) offering RSA training courses online, created specifically to meet the legal requirements in all Australian states and territories. By choosing AAAT, you are not only investing in a nationally recognised training provider, but also ensuring that your RSA certification meets your specific state or territory's legislation.

Embarking on Your Online RSA Journey

Getting an RSA online means learning at your own pace and convenience without compromising on the quality of the training.

The training provided by AAAT includes all the necessary content to meet the qualifications for RSA certification online. What's more, we are nationally accredited, which means the qualification is officially recognised.

Enrolment commences with registering a free account on the AAAT platform, which enables you to:

  • Purchase and immediately access your desired RSA course
  • Complete the enrolment and payment process entirely online
  • Conveniently learn at any time, facilitating flexible learning schedules

Receiving Your Statement of Attainment

Upon passing all assessments, you will receive your Statement of Attainment. The Statement of Attainment lists the attained unit of competency: SITHFAB021. This marks the end of the online RSA course process, signifying that you've successfully completed the assessments.

Finalising Your RSA Certification in NSW

The application for an RSA competency card in NSW requires submitting the Statement of Attainment along with an Interim Certificate at a Service NSW Centre. You have the option to acquire a digital competency card by using the Service NSW app, which is a convenient way to access and manage your competency credentials.

And remember, all licensees are responsible for keeping copies of current RSA Statements of Attainment on-site and ensuring the appropriate limits are maintained for inspections by compliance officers and law enforcement.

Maintaining RSA Certification with Refresher Courses

Depending on your state or territory, you may need to undertake refresher courses to maintain your RSA certification. For instance, in Victoria, individuals are required to refresh their RSA every three years by completing an online RSA refresher course. Similarly in NSW, when it's time to renew your RSA after 5 years, the refresher training can only be completed through Liquor and Gaming NSW.

On the other hand, RSA qualifications obtained after 2002 do not expire in:

  • Queensland, provided that the nationally accredited Provide Responsible Service of Alcohol course was completed
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania

However, the RSA Statement of Attainment needs to be renewed every three years in the Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory. The ACT RSA Refresher Course can be completed with Access All Areas Training.


Obtaining an RSA certification may seem like a challenge, but with the right guidance and resources, it's a challenge worth taking. After all, it's not just about serving alcohol, it's about promoting a responsible drinking culture and ensuring customer safety. So, are you ready to embark on your RSA journey?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get an RSA in Australia?

To get an RSA in Australia, you must complete a training course provided by an approved training provider. This includes obtaining an RSA Certificate of Completion (SITHFAB021) from a registered RTO.

Why is RSA certification important?

RSA certification is crucial for anyone serving alcohol in Australia as it ensures responsible alcohol service and non-compliance can result in penalties for licensees. It is a legal requirement to maintain professionalism in the hospitality industry.

How do I maintain my RSA qualification?

To maintain your RSA qualification, you may need to undertake periodic updates and refresher courses, as required by your state or territory. These courses will help ensure that you have current knowledge of industry practices.

What is the value of continuous learning in RSA?

Continuous learning in RSA is valuable as it promotes responsible drinking culture, ensures customer safety, and provides updated knowledge and skills for the hospitality industry, ultimately increasing job opportunities.