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WA Alcohol Interlock Scheme

26 October 2016

Western Australia will introduce an Alcohol Interlock Scheme starting 24 October 2016.

With the aim of reducing the road safety risk posed by drink drivers on WA roads, this scheme will be user-pays and apply to high-end and repeat drink drivers.

What is an Alcohol Interlock?

An alcohol interlock stops a vehicle starting if the driver (or rider) has been drinking. This technology helps people to separate drinking from driving.

An alcohol interlock is a breath testing device which, when installed in a vehicle or motorcycle, prevents it from being operated if a breath sample reads above a certain amount of alcohol.

How will the Alcohol Interlock Scheme legislation work?

From 24 October 2016, interlocks will be mandatory for drivers who:
are convicted of driving with a BAC 0.15 or over;

are convicted of dangerous driving causing death, bodily harm or greivous bodily harm, where they're under the influence of alcohol to such an extent as to be incapable of having proper control of a vehicle;

commit a second drink driving offence of any kind within 5 years;

fail to comply with a request to provide a breath sample to a member of WA Police.

NB: This is a representation of the legislation only - please see the Comprehensive Q&A for more detail.

The penalties associated with the Alcohol Interlock Scheme are additional to existing fines and disqualifications for alcohol-related offences.

After an offender has served the applicable disqualification period, their licence will be endorsed with an alcohol interlock condition